August 14, 2013

Looking Stylish With Your Skin Tone

Hey darlings, this is a follow up post on how to make color combinations from your closet. Some readers indicated that they were a little bit confused and requested a much simpler post in regards to creating trendy color combinations according to their skin tones and color of hair.
There are a few more extra helpful tips that I thought would be more useful to you all and with all the fashion and beauty trends from the Fall runway trickling through,these tips will come in very handy for any fashionista.

One very important thing is to match the colors of your clothes to your skin tone and your hair color.

Dark skin and brown hair: 

  • Pink and orange
  • Red and black
  • Pink and green mint
  • Green and beige
  • Purple plum and beige
  • Red and gray
Light skin and brown hair:

  • Beige and white
  • Navy and beige
  • Brown and yellow
  • Brown and dusty white
Light skin and blond hair:

  • Chocolate brown and red
  • White and black
  • Khaki and chocolate brown
  • Grey and black
  • Purple and brown
Also, it’s advisable not to wear more than 3 colors in the same outfit to maintain a coordinated look and avoid looking like a clown. In order to have a good result or if you are in doubt, use the color wheel to help you choose the colors. But remember: “Less is more”.
An outfit must have only one dominant color.
Try using more sober colors for the parts where you want to look thinner.
Vivid colors (neon) are better for the upper part of the body because they light up your face.
Avoid matching: green and blue, maroon and black, red and pink, black and navy blue.

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