August 9, 2013

Instagram Eid Fashion: Nessma Abu Jarad

After all the preparations and salon visits and eid shopping, yesterday showed some interesting and trendy fashion choices by local instagramers! There is also a fury of eid fashion competitions going on including eid with etoile and design me Kuwait.

With all the fashion fun and rush, one outfit truly stood out for me. It was worn by Nessma Abu Jarad.
She wore a stylish color combination based on the previous post on how to create trendy color combinations!

Outfit Details:

Top: Golia- KD 18.500 (comes with accessory)
Pants: Mango-KD 11.500
Scarf: Golia- KD 5.000
Shoes: Zara- KD 15.500

This affordable chic babe, proved that you do not always have to be dressed in expensive fashion to look stylish!!
Personally, this is a fab look for a young woman, I like how she used a white to break all the colorfulness of the look and then her scarf was patterned in all the colors of her outfit!

What do you think of her look?
Fab Or Flop?

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