August 28, 2013


Good morning Glammy's!

Most people feel a little uncomfortable wearing white beyond a specific season, when in fact, white is the perfect cross over color!
Swap out a pair of regular blue jeans for white ones and your look instantly transforms. They’re fresh, crisp, and add a breezy beachy touch to any outfit. These sleek pants can be worn any time of the year, literally. Simply change up the colors and textures of your tops and shoes, and you can make these jeans work all year round. Learn how to wear white jeans from season to season below:


Summer is the quintessential season for white denim. Change up your usual look but adding in new trends like tropical prints or pastels (or both). A bold pair of wedges stand out even more next to the blank canvas of white jeans.


A staple in the warmer months, white denim looks great with bright pops of colors like corals and yellows. A denim jacket is the perfect compliment to white pants in the spring, as well as a perfect pair of neutral sandals. This short sleeve top is perfect for spring because of its slightly thicker material and gorgeous color.


While you may not think of white denim when you think of fall, it’s totally doable. They can brighten up a dark autumn outfit, without looking too summery. Just make sure all the other pieces of clothing in your outfit are season-appropriate. I chose a plaid flannel and a cargo vest to keep the look autumn-ready.


Winter whites. That’s my go-to when it comes to wearing this trend in the winter. The key is to mix up the textures, like a thick sweater with subtle neutral stripes. A neutral sweater like tan or grey would look super chic with white pants as well. Just add your favorite winter booties and you’re good to go.

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