August 8, 2013

How To Create Trendy Color Combinations

One of the most frequent questions I get asked all the time as a personal shopper and personal fashion stylist  is, "how do I  put colors together to create eye-catching and fabulously colorful outfits?".
I know celebrities and other fashionista's make it look so easy and flawless but there really is a simple way to get started.
It's this simple: The color wheel; yup, that's right. The color wheel is probably the best yet not frequently consulted wardrobe tool!It was one of the first things I learned about back when I studied graphic design (yes, graphic designer's have the color know how just like any other design related graduate out there). 

Here’s a quick run through:

You can make the following combinations using the color wheel as your guide:

1. Colors directly next to each other ( yellow and yellow-orange; yellow and yellow-green; violet and blue-violet, etc.)
2. Colors that form right  angles with each other ( yellow and red-orange; blue and violet-red; green and orange, etc.)
3. Colors directly across from each other (yellow and violet; blue and orange; red and green, etc.)
4. Colors that form a T (blue, orange, and violet-red; yellow, violet, and red-orange; yellow, blue-green, and red-orange, etc.)
5. Colors that form an X (i.e. blue, orange, violet-red, and yellow, violet, blue-green, and red-orange, etc.)
Yellow+tangerine = nuances of the same color.
Yellow, orange, pink, red and the warmer purple shades always go well together.
The green clutch from the opposite side of the color wheel serves as contrast and makes the whole outfit.
Don't forget that since brown is a neutral, it will go with virtually any color on the color wheel.Try to pair a chocolate brown with cobalt blue or fuchsia. 

Of course white, black, and the hues of blue found in denim are also neutrals that go with just about anything.
Colors that are a part of a “color family” also apply. So for instance, you can substitute pink with red and still be able to pull off the combos based on the color wheel.
When it comes to combining different colors, colors on the same half of the color circle always works together (pink, burgundy, plum, coral).
Gold enhances the other colors, and the turquoise pieces from Anna Dello Russo's collection for H&M is the perfect contrast.
Get it, got it, Good!
If this is still a little complicated for you just send me an email!

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