August 23, 2013

Glam Or Lame:Lady Gaga's Extra-Wide White Wear

But can you blame given those big blonde curls and this totally casual look? I had't seen the "Applause" singer in anything but black menswear and a dress made out of paper lately! 
This white cropped top and flowy pant looks like something a flower child would wear on a tropical vacation or, in other words, the opposite of Gaga wear.

The circle sequins all over the white bodice have a certain '70's feel, which works well with those wide-legged trousers and Gaga's equally wide hair. 
Had the pants been atleast 5 inches shorter, I could say this look is totally working.
It's working,just not totally. Then again given the fact that we have all recently saw the "Born This Way" singer in a mohair, turtleneck sweater, we'll let this slide.

What are your thoughts?

Glam Or Lame?

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