August 16, 2013

Fashion Scoop: Star Trail & Light Painting Photography Workshop Open To Public

I know a lot of aspiring fashion, food and nature photographers in Kuwait and I think this will be nice to share to photographers of all levels.Plus, since most people are now walking around with a pro camera, perhaps this could come in really handy for those looking to learn something new whether beginner or professional level.

The concept is pretty simple. You keep the camera rolling for hours. It takes pictures of stars at preset intervals. Finally, you stack all the images and you get a sky filled with circular lines.
To capture perfect Star Trails, you need to understand:
1. Focusing
2. Composition
3. White Balance
4. Single shot vs Stacking
(All these points will be shared with you)
BONUS: As we will be out in the dark and the cameras won't be disturbed, there will also be Light Painting Photography for which you need to carry a spare cam for.
GEAR YOU WILL NEED(equipment you will require to get the best results)
2. A sturdy tripod
3. Cable release/intervalometer
4. Extra batteries
5. High capacity memory card
6. Torch/Lights/Flash (for light painting)
We will be providing some refreshments but you are free to BBQ if you want.
Some useful tips:
1. Make sure your car battery is in good condition
2. Wear boots as the desert is unpredictable
3. Bring a chair/mat to relax as its going to be a long night
Meeting PointThe Sultan Center on 4th Ring Road @ 4:30PM
Final Location is somewhere on Road No. 70

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