August 11, 2013

What She Wore

Here is a quick stylish good bye to Eid, another outfit that caught my attention was worn by a friend of mine (who shall remain anonymous). What drew my attention was how she layered a trendy statement neckpiece with other pieces of accessories on her neck!
She's always elegant and stylish with fashion savvy beyond her years I might add. She has the x factor, how she carries herself in her clothes is always a marvel to watch. 
As we all know, Arabic fashion (especially for the girls who cover), may be perceived as "different" from what many of you may be used to. However this allows you to learn a few things,after all fashion is global!

These pictures don't do her outfit justice.

Dress: Choice-KD 75.500
Neck chain: H&M- KD 7.000
Necklaces: H&M- KD 6.000
Rings: Al-Faiha Co-op
Shoes: Nine West

What do you think??

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