August 3, 2013

How-To Wear Stripes and Florals Together

How gorgeous is it to mix two of the biggest current trends? Most fashionista's are still a bit skeptical but it's good to see that many are actually trying it out.
Personally,I love the look of mixing patterns, and it totally works with the size and wearability of my closet because of how many more combinations I am able to create.
This season the unexpectedly chic mash-up of stripes and florals is especially in style and easier to pull off than busier print-on-print combos. This mash-up is also one of the freshest ways to create an outfit that is casually fashion-forward.
The question then becomes, How do I mix this with that??
Worry no more;

TIP: Tie your look together with accessories With a conservative stripe and small floral, this is a very safe way to dip your toe into this trend.

Lifestyle blogger, Newq8Bride rocking the trend!
This yet another basic way to test the trend yourself.
This I love, she got a little creative with her floral and stripes. She muted all the noise with a white vest.
NOTE:Her accessories tie in with her outfit

This look for me, is office inspiration, of course I work in creative environment (digital media/fashion) so this is very appropriate office wear for me.

A couple other tips on pattern mixing, particularity with floral and stripes:
  1. If you are skeptical about pulling off the look its always easiest to wear hues that are in the same color family. (It helps to consider the color wheel, it's not childish-it's actually your best fashion tool).
  2. Keep accessories and shoes neutral. You are already cute-up with prints, keep everything else muted and basic!

Right now everyone is doing floral bottoms and stripe top...experiment and try a floral blazer, stripe blouse, and cropped pants for a trendy start with either your sexiest pair of heels or cutest pair of ballerinas.

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