August 8, 2013

Fashion Scoop: Kim Kardashian's Baby Clothing Line

Well, well the new celebrity mom has thought of  an easy ways to capitalize off her wee one: starting a kid’s clothing line. It seems Kim Kardashian, according to friend and noted stylist Lloyd Klein. Klein told Confidenti@l in L.A. that Kim has already put plans in motion to launch a children’s range, noting that her daughter, North, would make “a great poster child.” We don’t know whether or not Kim will plaster her daughter’s face all over the product, but I think Klein should pump the brakes. The kid can’t even crawl yet, is it really time to be thinking about turning her undoubted kuteness into kold hard Kardashian kash
But I say, go on ahead Kim!!After all baby Nori is a gemini..she is a winner either or!!

Marc Jacobs‘s beauty collection with Sephora is set to drop this Friday, and to accommodate the rush of fashionistas and beauty buffs looking to get their hands on his jams and jellies, the designer is converting his store at 385 Bleecker street into a shop that will exclusively sell his cosmetics range. A passerby took this snap of the store window announcing the impending arrival of the renovated boutique. Sounds like the perfect place for me to cop a few of those lippies I’ve been eyeing! Any Glam dolls  in NYC plan on stopping by? (Shophound)

IT seems like being dropped by H&M for suspicious powedery stuff falling out of your purse isn't a big deal for Cara Delevingne. Sources tell the Daily Mail that the model has been cast in Kids in Love, a flick about rich, young partying London youngsters who do lots of drugs, possibly with one token black or Muslim friend in the mix. One can imagine that such a role might not be much of a challenge for a young, wealthy buzzy model from London. Take it from the Mail‘s secret source, who said: “some aspects of the storyline will not be a particularly big stretch for Cara.” (WWD)

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