August 20, 2013

Style Fit Inspiration For Work!

The one thing I always seem to have a problem with is finding what to wear in the morning to work, I love to look good, but since it's work sometimes I prefer a simple yet stylish look. Because I work for an online media agency and in their PR department, I am allowed to be creative from time to time,lol.

Here a few stylish work outfit ideas I though you glammy's will love, they are affordable chic (with the exception of the first one)so they will not break the bank but they will have you looking and feeling good! I also used one or two outfits more than once to show how to wear one skirt in two different ways!
Of course, you don't have to get the exact outfit but you can try to get something similar.

Power meeting,if the meeting doesn't go well,the shoe will leave a lasting impression!lol

Will you give any of these combinations a try?

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