August 9, 2013

Instagram Eid Fashion: Design Me Kuwait #GlamBattle

If you all remember correctly; Design Me was the winner of City Runway fashion week earlier this year.
Here is a glimpse of what is going on with the design me boutique Eid Fashion Competition. 
If Meshael's style and designs are anything to go by, I know for a fact that the winner will receive THEE most fashionable gift!
The competition started yesterday, with the contestants sending in their Eid look. The girl with the most votes will win.
(these images are in no particular order)

I spy with my fashion eye, Valentino studded pumps!! I like the shoulder's on this dress.
I would wear this.

One of the looks that I love.
So far, this is the look that is leading in votes, with a total of 197 likes on instagram.
Many of the comments indicated the love for the skirt, which I share.

A blogger to check out!

Well as you can see, there are some hits, loads of misses and a lot of Hmm's. Some are trendy, stylish and well thought which is great! I hope all the girls are having fun and enjoying themselves. I'm really proud of them for just entering the competition-takes guts to join a public fashion competition!

The competition continues today, if you would like to join in on the fun, follow @design_me on instagram, post your pic and tag the account with hashtag designmekw (#designmekw)


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