August 22, 2013

STEAL THE LOOK: Beyonce’s Polka Dotted Romper

It seems like being a billionaire doesn't mean you have to show up in luxury designer brands! 
Beyonce is living proof,as are so many other celebrities lately. She continued her love for Topshop at Ty Hunter's birthday party; she also looked like she is loving her new short locks! Her waves are looking like something I should have soon.
She kept her ensemble simple with a polka dotted romper.

I looked over at the Topshop website and unfortunately,it doesn’t seem to be available, so hopefully a similar look will do! I did some digging around and I came across a similar one.
Motel currently has this $100 Tara Playsuit that shares a similar color, though the dots are black instead of white:

If you like, purchase the Motel option at or if you are in Kuwait, get in touch with D&M Store and they will get it for you!

Are you feeling Beyonce’s look,curls and all?

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