July 11, 2013


There are several things I have learned from my friends who observe the Holy Month of Ramadan,especially when it comes to clothing during this period.
Here is a short list I complied that could be useful to expats as well as those muslimas who don't cover;

  • Wear tops and dresses with sleeves.
  • Wear leggings under short dresses and skirts.
  • Opt for longer shirts to wear with your jeans, something that will cover your hips and behind.
  • Wear a cotton jersey or denim jacket over your sleeveless tops and dresses (important to cover your shoulders.
  • Try to wear loose and comfortable clothing, which is advisable for the hot weather.
  • Invest in a pair of loose linen trousers.(perfect investment for the summer anyway).
  • Consider investing in a basic, flattering silhouette abaya. It is an elegant and handy over garment to be used over any ensemble (I own several myself).
  • Do not wear tops with a plunging neckline
  • Do not wear tank tops
  • Do not wear see-through clothing
  • Do not wear shorts, short dresses or short skirts in public places
  • Try not to wear sleeveless garments
  • Do not wear body hugging clothes
Please understand that there is no law stipulating this anywhere, this list is just somethings to consider out of respect for those who will be fasting,especially in public areas like malls and work.

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