July 22, 2013

The Dishdasha Taking The World By Storm!

I have been enjoying the suge of international celebrities (mostly male) rocking out their dishdasha's (Thobe/kandoora), yes a flood of femal celebs have also been spotted in Arabian inspired dresses but nothing beats the cross culture these men are getting up to.

For example, Snoop Dogg or should I say Snoop Lion, he has always been a big fan of dishdasha's.

In the latest music video for "Here comes the king," the American rapper is seen wearing not one but three outfits created by Dubai-based Saudi designer Hatem Al Akeel. In the music video, the singer sports two thobes and one shirt created by Akeel - a black and navy blue thobe, a beige linen one and a black embroidered shirt.

The shirt created by Hatem Akeel

Very recently, Swiss Beatz took his dishdasha to a family vacation in Jordan.
He must have forgotten to iron it though.
Mos Def was also spotted all over Paris Fashion week in his dishdasha as well
Dapper or simply foul?

Of course nobody can ever carry out the best dishdasha look better than Kuwaiti men , yes I said it! Some of them are a sight to behold.

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