July 15, 2013

Sustainable Fashion: UWCSA Glam Trash Fashion Bash

Oh how proud am I of these babies, they are not just amazing and intelligent students who attend one of the best colleges in Southern Africa (of which I attended for some parts of my high school years) but they are also a creative force to be reckoned with.
Their most recent Fashion Bash was centered around re-use, recycle which gives highlight to sustainability.

Spotted in Judges panel (from left to right): Raymond Mhishi (A master weaver using recycled materials),fashion designer and founder of JeremPaul clothing line, Khlekani Msweli, who is also a graduate of WK and former Marios Schwab intern and Mbongeni Dlamini

Some of the designs aren't genius, yet at the same time the idea behind recyclable fashion and for it to be implemented by students is on its on brilliant. They worked extremely hard and it's nice to have a younger generation think about the future of their environment.

The future of the world is bright!

Photos by Nayara Fakir

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