July 23, 2013

Stylish Events: Buzzart Expo Comes alive!

Last night I headed down to FA Gallery to see all the fashion action and to do a bit of networking while I browse through!
It was really an interesting evening with a great atmosphere with a lot of shopping buzz, while there I had the chance to see some of the work by designers that are being hosted by Buzzart Expo.

Some of Bernard Jabbour's creation on display.
I couldn't get myself to let go of this gorgeous print blazer by Bernard Jabbour
These lace pants are on trend, i loved them. Perhaps a little risque for most but they r gorgeous and they come in such a basic color allowing youto play around more with your toppings and accesories.
Think New York City girls night out in Manhattan. 
I had the pleasure of meeting Cherine Khadra of L'AtelierC who looked simpyl stunning in her green and nude outfit.
Spotted the man himself, Dhaher Bin Dhaher, founder of Tola Perfumes
Fell absolutely in Love with Ivy Twist's new collection, a definite must have ladies! very creative.
Ivy twist and myself after our brief chat. She is the sweetest thing on this side of the planet, so humble.

More of Ivy twist
Another must see is KM 1 Couture, very fitting for this month I think.

A chic ensemble from L'atelier C, very Chanel inspired.

Ivy twist will also be on Al Rai TV, she was interviewed by my gorgeous friend Randa.
Last but not least;I also bumped into the founders of Eleven Eleven, such an amazing concept behind this business. It's a non-profit with all proceeds going into the education of less fortunate university students in Kuwait.
They re-sell, used or never used brand name hand bags and shoes.
 Buzzart will be open through the Holy Month of Ramadan, so if you missed it last night don't fret!

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