July 7, 2013

REVIEW: Nail Station Kuwait

After hearing a few of my friends rave about Nail station and after they had a grand opening, I decided to give it a try. 
I booked my appointment on Friday for Saturday morning. The place is located in Salmiya, Baghdad street In the building next to Ola Beauty.It's a duplex, with the nail station being on the 2nd floor and then other treatments like hair, massage,beauty etc on the 3rd floor. I liked it because it's quiet (it does get noisy though after it starts getting full),clean and they are organised in terms of appointment timings and they try to stick to that policy.

Everything was going well until the nail technician couldn't find the materials required to do my nails! I lost 45 minutes of my time while they tried to find it inside the salon, without bothering to explain (or apologize) to me what's going on until I asked what was the problem because it was clear that something wasn't going right.
Then they proceeded to tell me that I would have to wait until midday for another lady to come and show them where it is (why not just call her). So I ended up getting a different job done to my nails besides what I had originally planned to do.

I was very upset by the incident considering I wasn't a walk-in and had made an appointment the day before therefore I felt they should've have been prepared, however they did a great job on my nails.
Will I be going back? I doubt it.

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