July 15, 2013

Ramadan Activities: Buzzart Ramadan Expo

One of the highlights for this Ramadan definitely has to be The Summer Extavaganza (yes it is), it  was launched earlier this month and will be running throughout the Holy Month Of Ramadan, with more designers lined up to exhibit, I thought it was best to share with you what to expect when you do go past FA Gallery to see Buzzart Expo.

DESIGNERS On Exhibit: 
Bernard Jabbour
Website :            under construction
Facebook :          http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bernard-Jabbour
Instagram :         Bernard_jabbour
Twitter :               under construction
Lamia AlSudairi
Website :         www.asudari.com
Instagram :     ASUDARI
Twitter :          @Asudari
KM Couture-Mounia Khalladi
Website :         www.km-couture.com
Facebook :      http://www.facebook.com/km.couture.9
Instagram :     kmcouture1
Twitter  :         @MOUNIA_K            

N'amourNorah Al Otaibi
Website :         under construction
Facebook :      https://www.facebook.com/namourCouture
Instagram :     namourclothing
Twitter :          under construction

Any lover of fashion, couture and art will surely enjoy this expo and shop a few pieces too. There is an amazing talent showcased;
Event organiser Tara Sillery with Norah Al-Otaibi during the launch.

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