July 26, 2013

Lusting Over “Emily B” Shoe Line

Ladies, the woman off all things body con has me by the throat, well actually she has her heels on my throat!lol.
I was taken by Emily B's sneak viewing of her new shoe line via her instagram.I am definitely breaking the bank for these, I will not be left out of such beautiful shoe wear designed by a sexy woman might I say.
She showed two of the boots from her range;

She also showed us a peep of a pair of snakeskin pumps;

To be honest, I am one those who has always wondered what she gets up to when she isn't filming or party hopping with her boo Fabulous
Based on the wholesale inquiry email provided in her caption, it looks as if Emily is partnering with Zigi NY for her line. You might recognize this brand’s name because Emily has actually been spotted wearing some boots from the brand.

What do you think?

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