July 3, 2013

#IThank Campaign For Ramadan (VIDEO)

I am so excited about this latest campaign that Alnowair is introducing! The intention is to spread awareness about practicing gratitude and the benefits it gives us. We have so much here to be thankful for, we can gain even more by being thankful and we want all of us to know this. Attached is a newsletter and a link to a video we have created, that we would like to share with you first.Simply because we DO have a lot to be thankful for, more than we realize at times.
We get caught up on complaining about things never going right that we neglect all the things that are right and significant to our day-to-day lives. 

 Check out this short video of the campaign below!

As part of their (Alnowair) drive to encourage gratitude they will be distributing free #iThank post-its at Caribou Coffee outlets later during the month, the post-its are a quick, cute, creative way of showing our gratitude towards something. 

Spread the message of gratitude this Ramadan, and share your posts-its by tagging them on instagram (@al_nowair) or facebook.

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