July 10, 2013

Fashion Reads: Magazines To Read In July!!

I rarely ever do this anymore, but I found these amazing snapshots of interviews that I loved and I know you will enjoy for the month of July. HEADS UP!

First up on my list is;

Beyoncé by Tony Duran For Flaunt Magazine July 2013
Over the course of her career, she’s sculpted, coiffed, and polished her image to build a persona so globally recognizable, so singularly powerful, that it’s departed from being anything remotely attainable to become something revered and ethereal. And perfect—which is what she says she strives for.
Read the rest of the interview here.
Source: FLAUNT

Next up is Miss Minaj:

Nicki Minaj by Satoshi Saikusa for Marie Claire August 2013

Source: Marie Claire
And finally; 
Jennifer Lopez by Mario Sorrenti for W Magazine August 2013.

Happy reading Fashion babies!

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