August 1, 2013

CRONUTS Now Available In Kuwait!!

Well, well..this has to be the best pastry news in Kuwait this Ramadan..literally.
It certainly is one of my food highlights during this holy month. And I believe most New Yorker's or lover's of the Empire State living in Kuwait will relate with this one: Baking Tray now offers the famous Cronut, the same cronut you probably waited in line to get in NYC!lol.

The cronut is nothing special really, it's a cross between a doughnut and a croissant except it tastes much better than either one.It's simply delicious. I tried it several times before this post, because I wanted to be sure of the consistency in their new product especially the taste...and on all 5 occasions, it was the best doggone cronut I'v tasted in a minute.

I would really recommend this for somebody who has a sweet tooth and doesn't mind eating a sugar glazed doughnut. It comes in a chocolate and custard flavors and my favorite is the custard, so try that one first!

I'm not surprised at all by the fact that it was VictusFood who set this pastry trend in Kuwait . I have to applaud them for this one, becoming a trendsetter is never easy but I hope they will develop the cronut so that when the copy cats attack (and oh they will..this is Kuwait) Victusfood remains a few steps ahead.

You can get your taste of cronuts from Baking Tray : 1842887
(They are also available on

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