July 15, 2013

Could This Be the Best Turkey Sandwich in Kuwait??

I stepped into Baking Tray Cafe for a dose of their heavenly, to-die-for cookies and ended up having a turkey sandwich instead.LOL.

To start with, the bread was so very soft and later was told by the staff that is made in-house and is sunflower bread. The Sandwich consisted of lettuce, tomato, gruyere cheese, caramelised grapes, sprouts, olive oil and balsamic reduction dressing.
I didn't make any substitutions and maybe that is why it tasted really good, plus I usually have my turkey in a croissant so this was delicious change.

What I like most about this joint is that most of their products are made in-house so they know what goes into the food they serve you.
They do however have the best cookies in the country (I say this because they are #2 most ordered restaurant country wide on talabat.com and just for their cookies-so the proof is in the pudding).

Most of my readers know that I have a thing for small, intimate eating spaces and Baking Tray is one of them!
Visit them and taste for yourself.

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