August 1, 2013

BEAUTY BAR REVIEW: Alterna Hair Care Products

Hair Issues anyone??
We all struggle with one thing or another, especially when it comes to beauty related products.
I am so thankful that Beautylicious gave me some hair care products from ALTERNA HAIR CARE PRODUCTS.

After sharing some of my hair info with her (Which was rather embarrassing,lol). She gave me a few products to try that would help me;

The first time I visited my hair dresser with the products I was a little skeptical, but I figured I had nothing to lose. Thank goodness, my hair dresser is not some dim wit. She washed my hair according to the directions on the bottle and her experience of it. She really liked the masque and how it felt on my hair, she is generally impressed with the range I brought with me.
The Caviar Repair X shampoo and conditioner
The masque, which I left on my hair for 5-8 minutes before washing it off.

Protein Cream for hair

My hair dresser liked the products so much that she wants to stock it in her salon to use on other clients!!!
The end result was a lighter feeling scalp (literally, I feel like my scalp is breathing), my hair texture has began to change and I noticed that I'm beginning to gain my hair volume back.
You can check out my instagram video I made while using alterna at the salon!

I can rave about it for forever, but bottom line is that these products are PHENOMENAL!!
I would highly recommend them for anyone who has the same issues I was facing.

If you are in the Gulf Region and would like to give these products a try please contact

Thank you Beautylicious!!

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