June 19, 2013

The Meat Co Hosts Bloggers

I headed back to my favorite place to eat in Kuwait, The Meat Co , when the eatery hosted a bloggers evening in an effort to give insight into the history of the restaurant and standards of the meat served by the fine dining steakhouse located at 360 Mall.
The presentation gave insight into the high quality of meat that they serve and how it is reared and taken care of. Among the highlights of the presentation was the fact that black onyx meat solely exclusive to The Meat Co in Kuwait has only been available for a week.

It was a pleasant evening and I was glad to notice that at the end of the dinner, most of the bloggers fully understand why the prices of The Meat Co are the way they are and that the restaurant serves high quality beef! It is always best to know what goes into to what you eat, especially nowadays when all sorts of medicines are fed to animals.

Unfortunately I was on my 3 day detox program so I couldn't eat after 8pm.

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