June 1, 2013

Style Struck At Athnain Magazine Launch

Last night I attend the Athnain Magazine launch at Arabana Warehouse in Al-Rai.
Dare I say Kuwait's fashion finest socialites,stylists, bloggers,designers and other members of the creative community came out in their numbers to support everyone's favorite duo, Yousif&Yousif (lol, sorry I will never get over saying it like that,EVER).

Like you all would expect, it was a stylish, classy and very artistic affair! The event goers came dressed to impressed, it was a platform of true self expression-the one place we all went and didn't need to feel uncomfortable or those weird stares we get.

This is how the artistic get down in Kuwait;
The founders Yousif Al Taher(Creative director) & Yousif Abdulsaid (Managing editor)

Abdullah Al-Saab; also featured in the 1st issue.

Fulaij Al-Fulaij.

Maha; who is also featured in the 1st issue of Athnain

I'm forever style struck by Kuzmoz. like is is possible for you NOT to look good?
She's wearing a shoulder piece by Abdullah Al-Saab.

Kuwait's sweetheart, Ascia; the cover girl for Athnain's 1st issue.
Her shoes had me staring at this gorgeous lady for so long.

How cute are these?? And they were delicious, even though I felt people were afraid to eat them lol.
well done to butterfly, for a superb job on these.
Myself with Adel Ansari who is also featured in the 1st issue of Athnain.
I loved his leather look. FIERCE.
Beauty Blogger; Dalal
Oh that hat, oh that clutch!fab darlings!
Artist Shurooq Amin was also in attendance and looked ever the part of stylish rebel, seen here with Abdullah Al-Saab and friend.

PLTQ8 (Noaf Hussein) with her signature bunny ears!

After a fabulous affair reminiscent of underground Paris meets chic, I was ready to see if the actual magazine would meet the entire buzz around it.
What do I think of the magazine??
It is very artistic and visually strong, the issues are printed in a limited number and will not be available at your regular run of the mill places. I haven't gotten a chance to read through it all, but the little that I have read (Ascia's interview) is well written.

Infortunately, I can't put all the images on this post,check out my IG for more pics from the event!

Each copy will set you back KD 4

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