June 11, 2013

My Week In Pics

It's one crazy week after another, with so much happening in Kuwait-it's a hassle just to stay comfortable yet still feel good about what you got on.
Here's my week in pictures along with some of the friends I helped out.

Moving On, I had 2 friends ask me a few style questions for their personal style, especially related to how to dress while at work (one is a graphic designer and the other is a blogger) yet still be comfortable. And these are the looks I suggested for each one them.

As a blogger, she really just wants to be comfortable without looking like she has just woken up and threw something on before hitting an event.



She had never tried wearing a dress,let alone a casual dress to work before this.
The ballerina's and bag are a matching set. The color of the dress is beige.

A special thanks to my friend, Sash for being a patient photographer and graphic designer for our little family here at glamchic!

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  1. Lovely Post...I look #Fantabulous hahaha