June 17, 2013

Day 1 of 3 Day Juice Detox Program From Victusfood

Good morning dears! I took the plunge and right after my birthday I started the 3 day juice detox program from victusfood. So it's basically 3 days of juice with no food.
I woke up yesterday to the delivery man at 6.30am with my 5 juices of the day (of which I took some to work).
The juice packs also cane with an instruction flyer, which basically tells you that you must take a cup of hot water with lemon before you drink the first juice.

8AM- The first juice is called SUPER DETOX, it's thick but not yummy of course.

All the juices are made from fruits/vegetables.

I went to the bathroom about an hour later, i felt rather energized from this juice. 
11AM- GREEN POWER juice, its green and thick as well, I tasted some cucumber, apple and lemon in it.
2PM- SUPER DETOX juice again.

This was by far the hardest time between 11am- 2pm more especially because the entire office was alive with the lunch hour fever, I wasn't hungry at all but the smell and aroma of all that food made me want to cry considering I was having just juice which isn't my normal lunch routine.

By this time, I had a headache as well with more frequent bathroom runs.
5PM- BEETS BOOST. By far, the nastiest juice on the menu for the day!

And by this time I was ready to crawl back home and cry from frustration. 

8PM- MASTER CLEANSE. the last juice of the day!

I was only too happy to drink it and go to sleep a little while after; the temptation to eat was everywhere at home.

I still have 2 more days to go,I can safely say I am not as excited as I was when I began 24 hours ago but I am excited about the health benefits and to feeling better.
A lot of people don't understand what "detox" means or really is, they see it as a diet and for weight loss-which is not wrong. The weight loss occurs only after 5 days of being on the detox.
Although I am looking forward to a flatter stomach!Good bye to my bulge. 

What I like about Victusfood is they don't throw you in the deep end and expect you to survive, they are on call constantly should you have any sort of query or question. Their service didn't just end when they delivered the juice at my home, even on my instagram they were answering queries from others on the juice detox!

The benefits of a Juice detox? 
Increased Energy
Better Digestion
Better Overall Mood
Improves focus & Mental Clarity
Stronger Immune System
Healthier hair, skin and nails
Liver Detoxification
Reduced cravings for junk food

#StayTuned for more.

Victusfood: 90029209
email: info@victusfood.com
Thank you to my friend Sash fro being kind enough to capture my 1st Day of the detox

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