May 27, 2013

Zoya Nail Polish: Inspired By Fashion?

To be honest, I shied away from this nail polish for sometime, simply because I had my trusted brands and I didn't know their (Zoya) history even though they had attractive colors. I must also admit that I never put much thought into what goes into my nail polish (yea I knew it was a bunch of chemicals) until now.The story behind Zoya nail Polish is so real and so intimate that it will be hard NOT to switch from other brands to Zoya especially since it's beneficial to nail care.

Zoya Nail Polish has been spotted on the Runway as well! My favorite runway Zoya moment was Peter Som S/S New York.
My personal favorites ffrom the Zoya S/S 2013 are these for beauties. They suit my skin tone, they are vibrant just like moi, and they serve as my pop of color for my dull days!

The fact that it is SAFE for pregnant women to use will make it a favorite in these parts, and also means that mom's to be can still enjoy a girls day out at the spa (or home service) without worrying about the effect the nail polish will have on their unborn child! Zoya is a healthier alternative for everybody and the catch is that its TRENDY!

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