May 30, 2013

Why The Fashion Fuss?

After my hijab post yesterday, I got quite a few surprising questions mostly from non-residents in Kuwait or rather people who have not experienced the Middle Eastern style of dressing according to religious beliefs.
First of all, sexy or great looking does not have to be in skimmpy or tight clothing as we all generally belief, of course some people have the body and they flaunt. Other women do not enjoy this type of expression due to various reasons.
Sexy is how you feel and how you think. Looks may have somewhat of a say in the matter but than again that lays within your thought process and understanding of what is going on within a look.

I have seen enough women wearing head cover yet looked stunning and very stylish more than their non-head cover counterparts.Take Sheikah Moza of Qatar for example, there are many more women like her.
I understand that we are all exposed to different styles and ways of living, but before you look and say, "oh that's not a great look at all or why is it so big

Some women who wear hijab would wear this outfit. As much as non-hijab wearing would to. It's all about your though process and your beliefs. Get my point?
The whole point of wh I create style sets, is if the entire look doesn't inspire you-you can incorporate different things from it onto your look.

I'm not going to get into why women wear hijab or how they should wear it because that is another story on it's own and I have no room for such discussions on my blog.
So let's not impose our upbringings, beliefs and culture on to others, especially if we have no clue why they do what they do.

Kapich darlings?


  1. What a great selection of latest fashion clothes.. Fashion fuss is irresistible this time..! XoXo

  2. Awesome Picks! Loved the blazer and both the pairs of high heel shoes.. Great choices dear XOXO

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