May 3, 2013

What They Wore

I absolutely loved this outfit.
In retro style, Kuwait's stylish turned up to turn out during #LusciousGoesretro.
I must say i was rather disappointed because a majority of the attendees didn't dress to the theme but to the few that did, they rocked it out.

The Posh fairy (left) looking good in her retro inspired dress,clinched at the waist

The fab Kuzmoz. She's got insane personal style.

Matching couple,dressed to the theme. They looked good.

Her Top and clutch grabbed my attention. She pair it with black pants. simple yet stylish.
Retro hairstyle, retro blouse. I loved the touch of the denim skirt.
I liked the lace dress on the left, it was hippy.
That graphic tee set tongues on fire!Loved the leggings as well.
Sash was one of the few men at the event who dressed to the theme. A little modern retro I will agree.
I also love the black and white stripe dress look, its elegant.
A perfect 10 for me for a Retro themed event. She did it well with her polka dot skirt.
It's a pity i didn't get a full picture of Newq8bride because she looked great
Myself with designer extraordinaire Yousif Abdulsaid

All in all, there were stunning outfits and ensembles at this event. Whether or not they fit the theme,well that's a story for another day. Everybody brought a little bit of something from the 60's, thats why this event rocked it out!

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