May 29, 2013

Trying Out Hijab Style Sets

This is a update from the Fashion Dilemma's in Kuwait post I did a few weeks back. It came to my attention that some of the hijab wearing girls felt their are facing the same problems I face but tripled. So I promised my friends and readers that I would try out a few style sets just for them and to play around with outfit ideas.

Of all the sets I did, this is my personal favorite. It feel's graceful and looks stylish. I drew my inspiration for this set from my friend Mariam AlKharafi. 

This is more "soiree" themed. I wasn't even sure if toes are allowed to show or not. For this set you can always substitute the white vest for an orange one.

If i wore hijab, this would probably be something I would wear.

I will be trying out more Hijab looks, pls bare with me though as this is the first I try this out so I may be doing a lot of things that Hijab wearing girls would dislike, but I trust you will let me know.

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