May 10, 2013

Those Hideous Neck Ties At Cheesecake Factory

Many of my friends have been really disappointed with the cheesecake factory food, however, they are always quick to point out that in general it is good but there is always that one thing that will not give you the ultimate cheesecake factory experience.
After waiting 50 minutes to be sitted, I was shocked that there was absolutely nothing on the menu that I was excited to try (oh Appleebees this is where you come in)

The bread was warm but extremely hard. o basically, they just warmed it up from where ever they had put it since morning or when it was made.
Buffalo fire balls weren't a spicy as I had expected.

I had the Macaroni&Cheese burger,medium well. I loved it.Definitely wouldn't mind having again.

Cheesecake factory is one of those places here that you will look at the prices on the menu and wonder what the hell you are doing there, then you have the food and you don't mind whatever your bill comes up to because it was worth it.

By the way, someone needs to get the waitresses there better neckties and then teach the entire floor stuff how to wear it, nothing was more irritating than looking at those hideously worn neck ties!

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