May 25, 2013

TASYORAH: All About Women's Gathering in PICS!

I woke up today and my first stop was at Al Hamra Tower (Luxury Center) for the Tasyorah expo on the Mezannine floor.Yes, I was expecting to find just another expo, but this was a little different because it is centered around women's gatherings. So most the clothes on sale there are themed that way.
Here is what you may see when you get there;

Code 8,has some beautiful and colorful dresses. They were in the last fashion show hosted by Evento_Kw.
My Couture booth, she has some lovely summer, bishts,Very creative and all her fabrics are awesome.

A little home deco, handmade. Pieces By Farah.
A stand you will all enjoy!
Trendy statement pieces from Fashion Republic!

There's even a little shopping you can do for the little ones!!Too cute.
I was very impressed by the Fashion Fusion accessories. They ALL fierce, trendy yet stylish and to top it all of , they are very affordable.UNIQUE!
More from Fashion Fusion

And a booth which I fell in love with, is M Flowers! (They are also sponsoring the event with the flower decorations)It smelled so divine I swear.

Perfect for a gift or to decorate your office 9a7?
You can still go to Al Hamra to see and enjoy all the fantastic things on display. There is so much to see and so much to buy,I found some very beautiful bisht's ther and I can not wait to wear them. It's on going until tomorrow.

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