May 3, 2013

Say Hello To VOGUE's Little Sister

When the June 2013 of Vogue hits news stands,it will be sold with a little sister — the first issue of Miss Vogue. 
It said to have been inspired by Teen Vogue, and Vogue  hopes that this new title will not only be enjoyed by it's readers but also attract some new readers to the main magazine.
For this issue,advertisers include Miss Selfridge, Forever 21, Bershka, Superdry and Accessorize.The back cover spot is taken by Dior Addict gloss, the inside back is occupied by River Island, while the inside front cover is two Topshop double page spreads.

I'm not sure if this new Miss Vogue will be any different from Teen Vogue (although I assume it will), it's just that I have been ranting about the content on Vogue lately-it's not as strong as one would expect from them and its bias now.I can no longer say they are my trusted source because I know they promote their advertisers opposed to telling us like it is,I know they have to earn profits but it's becoming too obvious that the business side has overtaken the creative side.

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