May 10, 2013

Now Open: The Bagel Bar (NEW!!!)-Avenues Phase 3

The Bagel Bar Coffee House is now open for business at the Avenues Phase 3 (Grand Opening is coming soon). 
After a heavy lunch and a bout of serious style stalking at Phase 3, we dedicided to sit down for a coffee...and a bagel lol. After going through the menu and finding out that pretty much everything that was on the menu that we would have liked (waffles, crepes) is not yet available :-((
Anyway, what I liked more over my plain bagel with cheese cream and bacon, is the ambiance in the place. Those seats are so so comfy that you will literally just keep ordering more so you don't have to leave. Another bagel I liked was Cheese Jalepeno and Herb bagel- a definite must try!!

Plain bagel with cream cheese and bacon. They are served with crisps.

It's a place I would go back to after a long day of walking or shopping about at the Avenues, just to relax.

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