May 31, 2013

My Week In Pictures

It's been a lazy week for me on all fronts. So much unnecessary drama going on it affects how I feel and knowing me; that affects how I may look. But i did try something new, my friends had a few suggestions (well,it turned out into a shouting match) that I noted and hopefully will yield new things on this blog of mine.Most of my items this week (not the accessories) were mostly at least 3-4 years old, lol. Here is my week in pics;

Shirt: Missy Couture, Shoes: Miss Selfridges , Bag: Michael Kors (DM Store)

Shoes: Jane Norman, Skirt: Marni , Bag: Gucci, Vest: Splash

Blouse: New Look, Shoes: Zara, Leggings: Missy Couture, Bag: Caroline Herrera (DM Store) 

Shoes: Zara, Skirt: River Island , Bag: Juicy Couture, Leather Peplum Belt: River Island

I was initially going to wear the "dress" on its won without the jeans, but I threw them on last minute on my way to work. I am in Kuwait afterall, the last thing I would need is a fool walking behind me silently.StalkersAlive.
Print dress:Forver21, Bag: Caroline Herrera (DM Store), Jeans, Zara ,Shoes: River Island , Sunglasses: Tom Ford, Denim Jacket: Baby Phat

I stepped into celebritylookq8 for a Haute style hunt and found myself posing because I couldn't stop looking at these tan peep-toe booties.

I think it's been a very interesting week, I am going to try wearing flats shoes for an entire week (Lord help me,lol).
Which is your favorite look of the week?

Here's the thing, we all have 1 hour for lunch at work, you use it how you feel (eat, spy on others, gossip-these are some of the antics at my work). 
I use it to pose and give you something to wrap your brain around.

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