May 26, 2013

My Stylish Bisht from :My Couture (Tasyorah Expo)

My Couture designer, Mariam AlTandeel and I
I have been looking for the right bisht, ok maybe I over thought it and put too much thinking into it BUT, it is what it is.
My search came to a halt on Saturday morning when I passed by My Couture booth at tasyorah expo in Al Hamra (which was tagged "all about women's gatherings").

It was love at first sight! Once I tried it on, it was hard taking it back on so I knew that this is the one i have been looking for,lol. Afterall, if you don't absolutely love it the first time you lay eyes on it, then don't buy it!
The fabric is really soft,which makes it perfect for the Summer. Jeans, leggings and even this dress wear my bisht well!
My second choice was this one. It looked really heavy and I was slightly concerned that i will look out of season and since this is my first time experimenting with arabic clothing, I want it to be just right.
Once, I tried it on I was convinced. I'm still trying to rack my brain over what I'll pair it with though.
The back!yes, I loved it more when I saw all these Arabic letters in the back!
 I'm very excited, stay tuned to see how this next fashion experiment pans out on me!
Thank you to My Couture for all the advice on pairing my bisht's and what they are generally worn as.

Instagram: @mycouturekwt
Call her: +965 66212256

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