May 29, 2013

My Outfit Ideas For Athnain Magazine Launch!

With the launch of what promises to be the mother of local magazines coming soon in a few days, I have already started worrying about what outfit to wear,to an event that possibly could be the biggest fashion night for Kuwait thus far. I think nothing but some good good will do.
Now, keeping in mind a lot of things when it comes to the creator of the magazine; If you are invited- you may want to be original yet push your creative bounds.

Here are a few inspirational sets that I created I feel are being of help to me and a few friends:

The shoes,oh the shoes, the rings, wait the no-this is perfect!

A lil gothic flavor

Yes, I also noticed that these are all dresses, that's because that's what i would love to be in. I will post pants looks tomorrow.
If you have wanted to make a statement all year, this is your chance and you will not feel like a nut-nobody will stare.

What do you guys think of these sets??Too timid? Not great? Perfect? Certain things are great but perhaps not a particular look?

For me, the 2nd and last one are probably the 2 looks I would choose between for this post.


  1. I love all the items you have picked .what software or program do you use for making those fashion boards? I would be grateful if you could tell me