May 24, 2013

My Heartbreaking Week: Fashion Saved Me!

This week has most definitely been highly emotional, and I'm not just talking about work or home. Work was blurred by the office move we made and the childish drama that ensued when we reached our new spaces. But the worst was receiving some heartbreaking news about the passing of a very dear friend of mine, who has held my hand since I got off that Plane at Kuwait International Airport 5 years ago. My go-to guy. And having something to focus my energy on (Fashion,blogging,style hunts etc)plus support from my girl, Bassma and my entire family held me down.

Here is my week in fashion;

Wearing my favorite wedge!It's super high and very comfy;what more can a girl ask for? Paired it with my denim shirt,white vest and black leggings.
I was still feeling my leggings,This is a simple pairing for everyone I think. 
I hardly wear this dress, but here I am. I paired it with printed flats and a zebra print belt from River Island. My flat shoe look served me well on this day as I had tons of walking to do during the #JMBReveal

Lazy wednesday, I've had the skirt for some time now but I had never tried it with green pairings.

I ended my week bad news and I wasn't in the mood for anything on this day, just wanted to lay down and cry all day.
So I chose black as my block color outfit to end the week. Since I cant stand all black, I got my custom made gold belt, my oversize clutch which has an African print on it. 

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