May 18, 2013

Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Pics

Yesterday post on her "swollen feet" created quite a few interesting conversations on instagram. And I must admit, we have been a little tough on poor Kim-senselessly so at times. Of course pregnant women gain weight-DUH- and I'm not sure where we all get this idea that pregnant women are supposed to dress a certain way just because a majority of them before her have done the same?
No seriously, where is that rule book that says preggars chicks are supposed to look anything less than sexy, chic and good? or is it that we can never associate being pregnant with sexy?
Yes, for health reasons at some point women are supposed to dress for comfortability, well Kim feels comfortable in her dresses regardless of what we think she looks like or resembles.

Here are few of her sexiest pregnancy looks so far(in my opinion);

Never one to shy away from risky fashion choices, Kim goes sheer to celebrate Jennifer Meyer's CFDA Swarovski nomination in Los Angeles.

Kim turned heads at the Met Gala in this head-to-toe Givenchy look. Yes, everyone made fun of her being in this dress because it resembled your grans drapes but nobody criticized how a stretch dress was probably her best bet of the night considering that she is pregnant.

Putting her most fashionable foot forward for a dinner with Anna Wintour, Kim steps out with Kanye in Prada.

Rocking a flowing black dress and motorcyle jacket, Kim heads out to lunch with her bestie Jonathan Cheban after having in NYC.

Keeping it casual for her flight from London to LAX, Kim wears comfy fabrics and flat sandals.

Kim heads to Beyoncé's concert in London wearing a leather top and leggings.

Looking chic in a long red dress, Kim reunites with Kanye in Paris for a little retail therapy.

Kim and Kourtney leave their NYC hotel looking stylish as ever.

Looking ravishing in red, Kim hits Las Vegas to promote her new perfume Glam at Kardashian Khaos.

Dressed conservatively in a printed dress over white trousers, Kim attends a mandatory hearing for her divorce case.

So, even though it may look like she doesn't have any sense or that she's going through a tough time adjusting, we must give her credit for the times that she has tried (which you probably haven't seen). Which pregnant woman do you know that didn't have a weight nightmare during and after pregnancy?

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