May 23, 2013

EXCLUSIVE:The Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel&Spa

Everybody has been patiently waiting for this hotel to open, partly because we all wanted to see what this luxurious hotel will be like and if it will live up to other Jumeirah's we have visited, it took so long for it to open adding to the exciting and of course those stories about the exorbitant prices.
Well all those have been put to rest.

As we all had expected, it is a luxurious hotel, from beginning to end. There are still some areas that are not opened yet but that will not in any way ruin the experience for anybody who chooses to go there. 

My favorite areas are the pool area which is simply breathtaking.

  Followed by "The Reef"
It's in the hotel but once these doors shut, you are in another world. It's private and it would be great for a private fashion presentation in my opinion.
Then comes "Badriya", the enchanting ballroom;
Perfect for the ultimate bridal experience. Think of that fairy-tale wedding you always wanted to have. 
This hotel is truly an endless maze of luxury,elegance and glamour. Every corner you turn you will feel the old  meeting the new boasting of 5 bedroom villas, Grand deluxe and deluxe rooms and a special bridal floor (which is right above Badriya) which has a salon, make up stations exclusively for the bride and her entourage.

Move over Regency, The Jumeirah Messilah is here.

I also won myself a cool dinner for two at their Garden Cafe! I will share that experience with you all.

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