May 14, 2013

Daily Fashion Dilemma's in Kuwait

I am currently having such a hard time deciding what is more appropriate and comfortable to wear at work and especially to remain respectful. Pants and jeans are great but I have never been a big fan of denim in the office, so I have always rotated more towards skirts and dresses.

I created these 2 sets to share with you a few ways to up your look at work depending on your mood of course.
You are probably thinking,why would I wear leather in this heat. But thank God that we have a softer leather for the season which makes it ok to still rock your leather look.

I feel this may be too casual for work, but it all depends in which type of field you are in. This would be accepted in my office.

Too girly girl? too much for work? 


  1. Loved the sets , it is more difficult foe girls with Hijab to decide what to wear daily , I am struggling with that

    1. Ican imagine the difficulties that you face whne wearing hijab and deciding on your daily fashion.
      I will try to create more sets that may be of help and give ideas.
      With that said, I think you are doing a good job with your style,seriously you dress well.