April 14, 2013


 This is one of the most stylish brands around, and although it is a French brand and not available in all countries it is still worth talking about. Having been in the fashion game for a few years their clothes and brand could be called the new direction that fashion will be taking.
They make sure their campaign fresh and consumer friendly by involving their clients. 
How? Well, considering that their brand is all about promoting couples borrowing each other’s style so that they have a unisex feel. It’s a new way for couples to bond and share something together whilst both looking extra stylish and chic. The way that they keep this dream for the brand alive is by using ordinary couples in each of their campaigns and printing their names underneath the brand logo.
Although their clothes are considerably pricey, it is totally worth it since they are known to partner up with celebrities from time to time, for example Pete Doherty ( British rock star and ex Husband of Kate Moss) once designer a mini-collection for them last year.
So, be sure to check out all the trends that they have and keep the spark alive in your relationship through fashion.

Interesting concept right?

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