April 14, 2013


I was browsing through West Elm (Grand Avenues,Phase 3)the other week and I came across these amazing handmade home decor pieces made in SWAZILAND from an organisation called Gone Rural.

Their baskets are up-cycled from a combination of the lutindzi grass indigenous to the Swazi mountains, sisal fibre, waste fabric from their local textile factories, recycled plastic bottles, leather scraps and recycled sweet wrappers.

Each basket is completely unique and made by a different artisan. We currently work with more than 750 women in more than 70 communities around Swaziland and our artisans receive about 50% of the wholesale price of every product they make.

I went back a few days ago and they were sold out. I'm patiently waiting for the next batch because they make good home decor gifts!

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