April 5, 2013


I wasn't sure I would love Beyoncé’s new Pepsi commercial, which was unveiled earlier this  week, simply because I don't like pepsi and I have never liked the idea of celebrities being the face of anything especially beverages.
The one minute clip titled, “Mirrors”, features Queen Bey dressed in an All Saints Kyoto t-shirt, leather hot pants, and Giuseppe Zanotti lace up sandals, dancingg off against her past self at different points of her career while her new song “Grown Woman” blares in the background. The message: Embrace your past, but live for now.
In the video King Bey recreates 3 of the most iconic looks from career.
My colleagues and I couldn't get enough of it so I hope you enjoy it!

Creativity all around for the BEY Hive! I still don't like pepsi,I'm a coke-cola kid from the get!

Glamorously Chic,

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