April 28, 2013

A special treat from The Meat Co family

Saturday afternoon we headed down to 360 mall for lunch. Initially my family wad trying to get me to eat a burger (of which I don't really like).
I had a cheese burger,I liked it and I liked the bun more; it was really soft.
To my surprise, The Meat Co offered me to try a steak that ISN'T on the menu anywhere in Kuwait. They just wanted to know what I think.
It was dry age rib-eye steak. There is currently no dry age being served in Kuwait.So every restaurant is currently serving wait age steak.
There is obviously a difference between dry age and wait age beef.
It was extremely soft, I had mine medium well, as I always do with my steak. I can't articulate it, but it was amazing tasty plus the quality was good.
When the steak was brought out, I thought ok,whats the fuss this looks very much just like any other ribeye steak I've had in the past.

Here's to me being the 1st person to try dry age steak in all of Kuwait!

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