April 14, 2013

A Pleasant Surprise:PRIME CUTS

We all know how much I love me some meat. It's the one thing that after Fashion, I have no problem with, lol.
After eating from a couple of good restaurants that serve the best meat, I found their source!PRIME CUTS!I made my first stop there sometime last week and boy oh boy; some restaurants can just kiss me GOOD BYE.
Prime cuts started 3 years as a chilled meat and burger supplier to certain upscale restaurants in Kuwait and about a year ago they started retailing and providing catering services (a big point for me since BBQ is one of the few ways I can get my friends together). They have these cute mini vans that they deliver in all over Kuwait.
They don't only serve meat by the way. I found some pretty interesting sauce's and dressings that make the ultimate BBQ experience.
I really like their bottled ketchup sauce that is great for burgers.
Country Ketchup
Believe it or not, their blueberry dressing is tasty.

I found mixers!!!
All in all, from my experience I think Prime Cuts is the "one stop" to my meaty fetish. You can simply go in to buy your meat but walk out with all the other necessities you will need for your BBQ. Did I mention that their prices are not what I expected them to be,very affordable.
Plus I tried their burgers and they are AWESOME.

The best way to experienc it, is just to go past yourself, they so many other products in there that brought back great memories for me.
I wish they had a place where I can actually go hungry and sit there and enjoy their meat. I hope they will consider this in the future!

They are on Instagram: @primecuts_kw
Twitter: @primecuts_kw

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