March 20, 2013

Trendy Spring Stripes

Ok, fashionista, let's see how trendy you have been or will get this Spring.
I've a lot of stripes in Kuwait since late last year but not too many of the one's on this post.
Here a few trendy ways to be the LEAD fashion girl in town!

1.Striped Shoes

Striped shoes may not always be the most versatile kind of shoe, but they sure are fun to look at! Wear them to liven up a basic outfit. Wear these with another type of stripe at once or choose a really bold, wide striped pattern to be the glam princess in town

2.Striped t-shirt
A striped t-shirt is almost a must-have in any wardrobe. It’s comfortable, easy to style, and will always be in fashion. Because the sport luxe trend is still going strong, try a wide striped t-shirt instead of a stripped shirt to add versatility in your closet.
3.Striped Skirt
Now here's something I haven't seen much of in Kuwait yet it is so stylish and feminine.This is a must have for this Spring.You can easily pull off a nautical inspired outfit just by pairing your striped skirt with a plain white t-shirt or vest.
4. Striped Dress
I saw some beautiful striped dresses at Forever 21 at the Avenues Mall. A dress is the easiest way to make a statement in stripes this season. This dress features bold horizontal and vertical stripes and a cheeky cut out back. The great thing about this particular dress is it's affordable. 

There’s no such thing as too many stripes when it comes to Spring this year.This season the focus is on bold stripes in mainly monochrome colour palettes. Also try striped scarfs!
Glamorously Chic,

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