March 22, 2013

Personal style vs. Trend junkie

Hi!My name is Zee. I'm going to be a little vain today and talk about
Carrying my fall/Winter collection bag from my line.

I always try NOT to do this because I find it unnecessary to do for myself.
But I've had numerous requests on instagram and the Facebook page to post a few outfits that people liked.

My style? It's hard to define, I'm in constant evolution- I like to experiment a lot with my fashion sense so there isn't a word that can fully describe it. How I dress is mainly driven by my mood and where I am going and obviously a touch of season trends no matter how subtle.

At the beginning of the week (Sunday), I had a breakfast meeting with a few new friends. It was a t cocoa room. I knew I wanted to wear these shoes, so i centered the clothes around it. I'm trying out these shoes on several outfits actually. I got them from Zara and the dress from River Island and the bag from North London, at Wembley Stadium flea Market.
I felt really "young" in this outfit,very casual and comfortable. If I could i would pair off everything and anything white a white vest! The jdenim jacket is Baby Phat, Skirt from Ysatis (Al-fanar Mall branch),wedges from Stradivarius (Where the old pimkie used to be at the Avenues mall). My bag is from my own collection "working girl". yes,I design my own bags.
Myself, Snce and kiki where going for lunch, we didn't know where to go so I dressed up just incase. I ended up being over dressed for a casual, fast food dining joint,but it's always better to be overdressed than under dressed I think- so what you are the best dressed person in the room,they must get over it!
I love this blue! The dress is from New Look,duo tone shoes by Zara
On a blogger's mission (have my camera bag with me). I'm wearing centerpoint (splash) from shoulders until ankles and the shoes are by Bershka (my mot comfortable heel).
This week for week, I got adventurous. I paired my paw print pants (H&M) with my spring leather peplum top 
(Forever 21) with my mint green cropped blazer (Centerpoint).
I do believe,looking back, I should have tried a better shoe pairing but these are my loves!
I wore this to Ecco event/G-star raw event this week, obviously I wore a black cropped blazer to cover my shoulders 9I am in Kuwait after all).I am in love with this skirt (River Island) and it pains me that there is only so much I can do with it.
I paired it with a floral body suit (Bershka) and a zebra striped belt with chain on it (River island) and I got that statement on my neck from H&M.
So, I took a pic with my 2 pals from my fav dining place in town (The Meat Co,360 Mall).
I wore the floral blouse (Moschino,Al -Ostoura) which I've only worn few times before simply because I'm scared of it. First time I wore those pants after laying idle in my closet for close to a month (Zara) and those shoes as well from Zara.
BTW: Last night these 2 treated my family and I to a memorable Mother's Day evening at The Meat Co!

So from all these pics, you can see a different style EACH time. I dress according to how I feel and mostly where I am going. My bag is my signature (but I am sure you figured that out already).

Which is your favorite look?

Glamorously Yours,

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